FOBISIA Online Mathematics Competition 2021

Group Challenge

In teams of 4, students will solve puzzles to complete a virtual escape room in the fastest time. The link and access code to this challenge will be shared with registered schools on Thursday, October 7th, 2021.

Group Challenge Rules

  1. The challenge can be administered at any time on Thursday, October 7th. The link to the online form will be available on this website during this time period.

  2. A 2-hour session must be allocated on the day. The supervising teacher must time the students and strictly abide to the 2-hour limit.

  3. The students must work in their team of 4 with no support from other students/adults.

  4. Equipment needed: Computer with internet connection and internet browser.

  5. Students may have access to a pencil and scrap paper for workings out. NO other equipment or software may be used. (i.e. calculators, rulers, protractors, DESMOS, Excel, etc.)

  6. If a computer/network fault occurs, pause the timer until the problem is fixed.

  7. If an emergency or interruption occurs e.g. fire bell, the timer must be paused and resumed when possible.

  8. It is not permitted for children in different groups to talk to one another, while taking part in the group challenge. Please place student groups in separate areas so as they cannot see workings or hear conversations of other groups.


  • Marking will be done by the host school.

  • 6 points will be awarded per completed level.  

  • Result and certificates will be announced on Friday, October 22nd.