Competition Results

Individual Challenge

Students earned the levels of Bronze, Silver, or Gold based on their challenge score.

Group Challenge

In teams of 4, these students solved math puzzles to complete the virtual escape room in the fastest times.

Video Challenge

These student teams created a 3-minute video to explore the evolution of technology through mathematics.

Individual Challenge - Gold Level Awardees

(in alphabetical order by last name)

Group Challenge - Top 3 Fastest Times

(and combined perfect challenge scores)


1st Place Crescendo HELP International School 49 minutes

2nd Place Alice Smith School 57 minutes

3rd Place British School in Tokyo 62 minutes

3rd Place Garden International School Rayong 62 minutes


1st Place Bangkok Patana School 48 minutes

1st Place Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok 48 minutes

2nd Place British School in Tokyo 55 minutes

2nd Place Tenby International Primary School Setia Eco Park 55 minutes

2nd Place Discovery Bay International School 55 minutes

3rd Place Regent's International School Bangkok 56 minutes

Video Challenge - Top 3 Awardees

(Click on the available links to see the videos!)

Thank you to all of the students, teachers, and FOBISIA schools that participated in this year's FOBISIA Online Mathematics Competition!